• Sailtraining

    On board the Gulden Leeuw we firmly believe in Sail Training and we are not the only one. Studies by the university of Edinburgh and Sydney show that ...
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  • Uw reis boeken

    There is no translation available.Wilt u deelnemen aan een reis of dagtocht aan boord van de Gulden Leeuw? Dan kunt u contact opnemen met ons kantoor ...
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  • Corporate Hospitality

    Eine einzigartige Erfahrung; Buchen Sie den Gulden Leeuw für einen Tag oder Abend Segelveranstaltung, Hochzeit, Teambuilding, Produktpräsentation oder...
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Deck layout
The “Gulden Leeuw” has an enormous middle deck with room for all the guests at the same time. This middle deck is adjacent to the deckhouse that will be fitted with large folding doors. This has the advantage that the deckhouse and the middle deck form one big space. The inside and the outside are combined. It will be possible to cover the entire ship.
If we walk further along the deck, we pass along very wide gangways where old-style benches will be placed. And 170 seats have been provided outside alone. You reach the sun deck via the pleasant after-deck.

Internal layout
Our “Captain’s VIP Lounge” is next to the after-deck. A beautiful room with an open fire, Chesterfield sofas and a wide selection of good whiskies and cigars. This is a room where there is time for a good conversation.
If we walk on, we come via the cloakroom to the big deckhouse where a central bar is located. The stairs lead us down to the dining room that is being fitted in a multifunctional manner. All the tables, chairs and benches can be cleared away or rearranged in an instant. This also allows this big room to be used, for example, as a dancehall, seminar room or dormitory.

You will be impressed by the grandeur of the ship.