A Coruña (ES) - Dunkirk (FR)
26.07.2020 - 08.08.2020
Price 15-25 years old: € 1235,
Price 26-28 years old: € 1625,

The first ever Tall Ships Race took place in 1956. 20 tall ships sailed from Great Britain to Portugal to promote Sail Training and international friendship. Originally meant as a single event, the race gained huge public interest and soon turned into an annual event, organized by Sail Training International. Each year dozens of Tall Ships, as well as small ships and yachts gather for races, but also harbor events: Crew Parades, Crew Parties, competitions, concerts, fireworks and much more!

In 2020 the Tall Ships go back to the Atlantic coast of Europe. Race 1 will start in Lisbon and end in Cadiz. From there the ships will sail to A Coruna in a mixed leg including several days of racing and then some more relaxed sailing. The final leg will take them across the Bay of Biscay and into the English Channel to Dunkirk. Will you join the adventure?

International Exchange

This year we also sail offer an International Exchange together with

Brest (FR) - A Coruña (ES)
18.07.2020 - 26.07.2020
Price 15-25 years old : € 795,-
Price 26-28 years old: € 995,-

International Exchange with sustainability theme for all nationalities For trainees aged 15-25, 26-28 at request. Crossing the Bay of Biscay in great company. Board the Gulen Leeuw in the French city of Brest for an exciting journey to northern Spain. On board you will meet young trainees from many different countries, learn to sail a traditional Tall Ship and learn about the microplastics in the oceans. You will be actively involved in sailing the ship across the Bay of Biscay, together with the professional crew. The mentors on board will make sure that there’s always something fun to do! You will reach.
A Coruña in time to see many other Tall Ships, gathered for the 2020 Tall Ships Races event. Spend a couple of days in port, participating in crew-exclusive activities before saying goodbye to all your new friends.