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P & T Charters VOF consists of two families, Arjen and Charissa Töller & Robert and Miriam Postuma.
Fam. Töller owns Charterschip'Swaensborgh'.
Fam. Postuma owns Charterschip'Hendrika Bartelds'.

VOF Swaensborgh and Hendrika B. VOF are 8 and 9 years successful in the charter business, in the trades Baltic and Northern European waters. Now we have combined our experience and strengths to bring this great new ship.



You can book directly with the Gulden Leeuw from now on:

P&T Charters
PO-Box 250
8260 AG Kampen NL

Tel.: 0031 (0)38 820 02 69 
Tel.: (0)38 820 02 69

Kvk. Nr.: 05085817
Btw. Nr.: 8181.61.747.B01

Robert & Mirjam Postuma
Tel.: 0031 (0)6 20 69 94 53
Tel. (0)6 20 69 94 53

Arjen & Charissa Töller
Tel.: 0031 (0)6 10 76 55 40 
Tel.: (0)6 10 76 55 40


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