Our Unique program
The ultimate goal is always that the trainees will overtake the ship. Therefore, everything it entails to sail a Tall Ship is done by the trainees; from watch keeping till cleaning the deck. We believe It should be their vessel and their challenge.

Throughout the course of the journey, the trainees are provided with a sense of seafaring tradition and values, which are indispensible for life onboard and within a close community.

The group onboard is an independent community, almost like a small town in terms of the challenges and problems that it faces, which cannot be ignored and must be overcome; in doing so, personal commitment is promoted and reinforced.

Due to the small size of the team in comparison to those onboard large freight vessels, the trainees are able to assist in every area onboard – from the ship's management right through to route planning.

Here on the Gulden Leeuw, the trainees are closely familiarised with the nautical and maritime world. The learning content, which is conventionally conveyed in theoretical lesson blocks, takes on a direct, practical format here. During free time and when on the watch the trainees continue to learn, be it seamanship, navigation or the expansion of their technical knowledge or handiwork skills.

A fitting scope of tasks exists for every area of interest: Those fascinated with technology and equipment can assist in the engine room or with technical maintenance, whilst trainees who prefer to work on organisation can do so for example with the route planning.

Depending on the duration of a trip, it is also possible to go into further detail in some areas. Here, a primary focus is on training and encouraging the aspects of community and team-spirit.

The Gulden Leeuw
One of the World's largest three masted topsail schooners, built under architecture, she has perfect sailing abilities.

Worldwide Sailing with 84 trainees.

Very high safety standard because of strict Dutch additional safety requirements on top of SOLAS requirements

The (deck)layout of the Gulden Leeuw guarantees a safe learning environment.

The ship is owned, built and sailed by the owners. Thourough knowledge of international regulations and the capacities of the ship provide a steady base for cooperation

Our Crew
Our professional crew consists of very well trained and experienced sailors and ensures a safe learning environment

Our crew works together as a team and involves trainees in every aspect of sailing

Our crew will make people feel at home and involved

Most Innovative Initiative
In 2013 te Gulden leeuw received the award for the most innovative initiative.

Awarded to the sail training ship that has developed their own version of the S.T.A.N sail training programme since 2010. The Sailtrainingprogram on board the Gulden Leeuw empowers young trainees to fully use their initiative to a point where they run every aspect of the ship by themselves.